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Header Bidding & RTB Hybrid

An upgraded approach to programmatic sales

Sell your desktop, mobile and video inventory
at the highest price

Hybrid auction
Multiple demand sources
Single-tag start

Introducing ‘Header Bidding & RTB’ Hybrid

Through installation of the direct code into your website, you will get access to new opportunities. First, the code tells to our server to hold an Open RTB second-price auction. The next step is running a Header Bidding first-price auction. As a result, we organize an additional auction between an Open RTB winner and a Header Bidding winner to determine the best price offer, which leads to increasing your level of monetization!

Why Combine the Two?

We’ve mixed the best programmatic techniques to optimize the value of each impression.
Check out these two examples of how RTB and Header Bidding help you win!
For further details about this product, please contact us.


One deal. Multiple Header Bidding tags.


Skip negations and waiting lists

Admixer AdEx is already integrated with most of the market players

We take care of the 'red tape' with providers

Signing contracts, statistics reconciliations, and billing

No need to replace tags to add a new bidder

New Header Bidding tags are added automatically, so you don’t need to do anything on your side

Manual fine-tuning to increase eCPM

We select relevant DSPs and Header Bidders manually, based on your geography and inventory
Let us show you how it works!
Inventory Access
Select your inventory types
Total monthly audience