Improve your digital marketing effectiveness with
precise audience targeting

Admixer.DMP Features

Collect Data

Collect users data from sites, apps, and advertising activities in real-time

Analyze Audience

Analyze reached users and get deep insights about your target audiences

Segment Users

Create segments combining users from different audiences

Activate Audience

Activate audiences across different channels and platforms


Combine different sources of data

Activate 1st party data

Collect and onboard own audiences to activate in advertising campaigns.

Use 2nd party data

Get your partners data into your account to expand your target audience

Target 3rd party segments

Use built-in 3rd party audiences from local and global data providers

Manage your data

  • Collect data in advertising campaigns by ad events
  • Collect data on sites and mobile applications by site/app events
  • Onboard data from CRM/CDP/CMS systems to activate in your campaigns
  • Build your own segments combining different sources and audiences
  • Expand target audiences through look-alike algorithms
  • Activate your audiences on different channels and platforms
  • Automate audience management and data transfer via Audience API

Track and analyze your data

  • Get insights from collected audiences
  • Get access to more granular data from your advertising activities via
  • Raw Data API
  • Use 3rd party verification tools to ensure quality of data

Admixer.DMP Features

1st party data

Built-in DMP

DMP is built-in tool into Admixer Products - Admixer.DSP and Admixer.SSP

Flexible data management

Manage your data across different products and connections

3rd party integrations

Easy DMP integration with external data sources and ad platforms

Security and Protection

Secure data collection and storage with GDPR / CCPA compliance

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