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Improve your digital marketing effectiveness with
precise audience targeting

Admixer DMP advantages

100+ pre-built target audience segments

Own remarketing audiences and their expansion

On-demand custom-built audiences

Ready to use programmatic buying platforms

Keep in touch with your loyal customers and acquire new ones across all digital channels

Easy access from any platform

  • Admixer Networks
  • Admixer DSP
  • Admixer Publisher

Custom-built and branded audiences

Use custom-build and specialized branded audiences to enhance marketing strategy, scale advertising campaigns and achieve maximum results:

Create own audiences with 1st party data

Expand them with our predictive algorithms

Start your campaigns and get the best results!

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Let us know who you are and what challenges we can help you solve or opportunities we can help you seize

Holistic monetization approach

We guarantee you 20-80% revenue growth through optimization of your fill rate and eCPM. Leverage an all-in-one platform for effective monetization, that fits any Publisher

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Hybrid programmatic

Combine bids from RTB auctions and multiple header bidders. Sell your desktop, mobile, and video inventory at the highest price

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Supply-Side Platform

Access gateway to Admixer programmatic ecosystem for networks, sales houses, and enterprise-level publishers who share their inventory with world-class trusted partners

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Ad Server Admixer Publisher

Manage ad inventory with a full-scale ad server for effective monetization through direct ad sales and ad exchanges. Enjoy a powerful AdServer and efficient guidance

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Ultimate SaaS solution for advertising networks

Comprehensive technology that suits any ad network configurations, supports all ad formats, and helps monetize an extensive amount of inventory in various ways

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Access a self-service programmatic buying platform designed to let global advertisers take the best of data and technology, and purchase the most relevant audiences at scale

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