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Featured Products


Capable AdServer for inventory and demand management
  • Manage all types of inventory
  • Add different demand types and sources
  • Combine ad formats from native to video
  • Monetize each impression
  • Create your custom DMP


A feature-rich proprietary RTB platform with access to large-scale inventory sources, transparent campaign management tools and exquisite targeting opportunities
  • Global premium inventory - 100+ TOP SSPs
  • Self-service DSP - live campaigns in 5 clicks
  • Multi-format cross-device support
  • Transparency and brand safety, GDPR compliant
  • Internal DMP


All-in-one tech stack for Ad Network Owners and Media Holdings
  • Desktop | Mobile | Video | Audio | Native | CTV | DOOH networks
  • Complete ad management infrastructure for Publishers and Advertisers
  • oRTB, Header Bidding, tags and direct demand
  • Inventory grouping
  • White-label options


Built-in data management tool for audience collection, segmentation and activation
  • Collect visitors of your site or app by various events
  • Collect users covered by advertising campaigns
  • Analyze and profile your audience by different criteria
  • Leverage your 1st party data through seamless integration
  • Activate segments across different channels

Agency Tech Stack

Optimal stack of Enterprise level ad tech solutions for effective programmatic buying
  • Shape and manage advertising inventory
  • Transparency and control over the supply chain
  • Advanced data management tools
  • Master new revenue sources
  • Ready-to-go solution
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Gateway to Admixer monetization stack for Web Publishers, App Developers and Networks
  • Access to 100+ trusted DSPs
  • Direct demand from Admixer.DSP and Admixer.Networks
  • Risk-free demand scanned by leading ad verification vendors
  • Display | Native | Video | Audio | Rich media
  • Any environment: Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app, CTV, DOOH