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Monetization Center

Get fill rate and eCPM increase through
transparent tech layer and multiple demand sources

Header Bidding

Get additional monetizers— 100+DSPs, with whom Admixer already has deals signed. Add new demand sources from the list of signed partners and instantly test the CPM increase.


Offer your inventory on Admixer.SSP via oRTB. Submit your inventory for bidding to global brands and networks through direct deals, PMPs, and multiple DSPs on RTB auctions.


Admixer SDK has diverse demand for in-app audiences, can shows ads from other networks through mediation, and can supplement your existing main SDK.

Header Bidding Platform

Manage all monetization sources via single UI, no code reinstallation when connecting adapters.

Admixer Header Bidding is a tech stack for connecting global monetizers .

Admixer Header Bidding – is a tech stack for connecting global monetizers

No need to sign separate agreements with DSPs

1. Ad serving technology
Flexible stack
  • Ability to connect without Google Ad Manager account, use our Ad Manager as an ad server, control of adapters via UI, flexible management of demand sources (set limits, thresholds, connect or disconnect adapters in one click)


2. Comprehensive support
Assistance at each step
  • Assitance with wrapper installation, configuring pre-bid adapters, setting up the ad server, and latency management.


3. Transparency and Control
Full access to data
  • Detailed statistics on bids, earings, and competition for ad space. Data on all monetization sources aggregated in one dashboard.


4. HB Marketplace
Adapters managed by Admixer
  • No need to sign separate agreements with DSPs, add a new partner from the list, and instantly test the CPM increase.


5. Direct Demand
Admixer DSP
  • Premium demand from agencies and direct advertisers.



Increase revenue with Admixer.SSP, one of the top 30 SSPs in publishers’ trust, monetizes your audiences on private marketplaces, open auctions, or with programmatic guaranteed.

Premium demand
  • Get access to premium demand, sell your brand-safe inventory to external buyers through the private marketplaces.
Extra data layer
  • Admixer.SSP takes care of the incomplete bid requests and adds the device data or helps to locate the geo-based on IP intelligence.
Ad quality validation
  • Sell risk-free. All ad creatives are scanned by the leading ad verification tools.
Universal monetization
  • Monetize every type of media inventory: Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app, CTV, and DOOH. No entry barriers.
Transparent supply chain
  • Admixer focuses on partnerships to maximize supply chain visibility and minimize the risks of getting unreliable impressions by pushing for ads.txt and seller.json implementation on all its inventory.

Quick deployment

1. Leave a standard request below
2. Discuss your type of inventory,
volumes, ad quality needs
3. Sign a contract, and get access to
the dashboard with reports and statistic
Admixer.SSP creates perfect matches between publishers and detects fraud, and plot transparent supply paths. Admixer.SSP connects local publishers with the global programmatic marketplace via:
Header bidding  
HTML tags  
Admixer.SSP adds data layers, enriches and purifies traffic in line with the latest IAB Tech Lab standards, and makes local audience segments globally competitive.
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