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Admixer Demand Side Platform

Admixer DSP is the comprehensive platform for professional media buying with full control of inventory, audiences, creatives and brand safety

Ad Inventory

Admixer DSP is integrated with TOP Ad Exchanges, SSPs and publishers

Myriads of Sites and Apps

Access to large-scale direct Publishers, Ad Exchanges, SSPs and Ad Networks

All Formats

Display, video, audio, native, mobile, rich-media

Premium Inventory

Premium inventory

Direct and priority access to TOP global publishers. Access to Private Marketplace

Global Traffic

Global traffic

Reach your target audiences across the world

Trusted Worldwide

Media Buying Models

Open Auction (RTB)

Advertiser campaigns bid each impression, determined by the value of the impression (CPM). The winner gets the ad served on the Publisher website or in the mobile app


Private Marketplace

Highly valued Publishers delegate a part of their ad inventory to a select buyer or a group of buyers through a private auction


Direct and Guaranteed (Private) Deals

Advertisers and Publishers negotiate deals up-front on all impressions as a fixed CPM and volume, therefore the execution is done programmatically


Advertising Channels

Mobile ads
Mobile (Web and In-App)
Native ads
Display ads
Video ads
Audio ads
Social ads


Precise targeting allows you to execute digital advertising campaigns and accurately reach your target audience based on various criteria

  • Geo
  • IP
  • Demographics
  • Behaviour (Events)
  • Site (domain) / In-App (bundle)
  • Look-a-like segment
  • OS / OS version
  • Browser
  • Device / Device Model
  • Screen size
  • Frequency capping
  • Day & Time
  • Retargeting
  • 3rd-party data
  • Onboarding CRM Data
  • 100+ pre-built audience segments (interest-based)

Brand Protection

A combination of proprietary technology, human monitoring and fraud detection partners, provides for Admixer DSP bids for safe high-quality desktop and mobile inventory



Forensiq, Protected Media

Creative verification

Creative Verification

GeoEdge and theMediaTrust

white list targeting

Black&White lists

For exclusion and whitelisting publishers

supply chain control

Support ads.txt

Follow and spread ads.txt project

IAB standards compliance

IAB Compliant

Accept and follow IAB recommendations


Detailed automatic and manual reports are available in Client Dashboard for your convenience:

  • Domain / Bundle
  • Distribution Frequency
  • Day and Hour
  • Geography
  • Platform
  • Audience
  • Source
  • Custom Reports
DSP reporting


Get total control and promptly manage your ad campaigns at Admixer DSP

  • Account Launch
  • Platform onboarding
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Hints & Tricks for campaign optimization
  • Creative support
  • Step-by-step campaign setup and management guides

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Entrust managing your ad campaigns to Admixer DSP team

  • Media-Planning, setting KPIs
  • Launching and Managing Campaigns
  • Creative Management (upload and optimization of creatives)
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Media Buying and Supply Management
  • Reporting
  • Data Management (Internal and External Custom DMP source management)
  • Billing and Financial Support

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Dedicated Support

With the help of personal support, Admixer DSP users can learn all its capabilities, understand programmatic marketing, run effective ad campaigns, and deliver success for their customers

Direct Deals
Admixer Knowledge Base
Live Webinar Training
Admixer Academy
In-Platform tooltips
24/7 online support. Quick responding Team

DSP for Advertising Agencies

In-House Expertise

15+ years of software development for ad market & 12+ years in media buying

Easy to get onboard

No tech skills required. Simple set-up and exquisite trainings


Access to global DATA segments (desktop & mobile)

Native ads


Transparent access to planning, media buying and reporting


In-dashboard and exportable reporting tools to optimize your campaigns in real-time

Success Team

Our Customer Success professionals provide ongoing advice and support

DSP for Advertisers

Global Traffic

Worldwide Reach

Access to large-scale ad exchanges and ad networks along with Google

Premium Inventory

Premium Inventory

First and priority access to TOP Publishers


Brand Protection

Your brand is protected with our brand safe inventory

Creative Management

Variety of Ad Formats

Increase engagement by using high-impact Admixer.Creatives formats and Sizes

Direct Deals

Direct Deals

Take more of what you value most – buying direct inventory from best global Publishers to ensure campaign KPIs

1st party data

1st Party Data Activation

Built-in DMP to collect, manage and activate your most valuable audiences

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