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Google AD Manager 360

Admixer is a certified Google Ad Manager 360 partner

Maximize your proft with Admixer and Google Ad Manager 360

What does our ad optimization team do?
Connection and setting up procedures
Day-to-day optimization of your revenue streams
Steady monitoring and placement optimization
Integration with global monetizers via Header Bidding module

We monetize any type of web and in-app inventory

Our optimization options

We provide complex expertise, constant monitoring, advises and solutions to help you increase your revenue
Site analytics
  • Traffic ranking
  • Content’s topics
  • Audience interests and behavior
  • Traffic’s geography
Ad units analisys
  • Ad formats and types
  • Ad unit placement and viewability
  • Graphic design
Bids optimization
  • Setting up Private auctions, Preferred deals, Open Auctions
  • Monitoring and managing the bid
  • Demand from other ad exchanges via Open Bidding
Publisher Suite

We’ve designed a tailored monetization program for publishers to improve programmatic sales processes and to increase ad revenue

How to Connect Google Ad Manager 360

Send us a request
We analyze your site's compliance with the policy
Fill in required forms.

Set the ad tag and ads.txt

Google Ad Manager 360
MCM Partnership Options

Manage Account Manage Inventory
Do you have
Google Ad
Manager 360? 
Yes No
Media management Transfer full management of your GAM360 account


+ Custom header bidding management solutions

Transfer the domain management
Revenue Revenue share model Fixed commission

Combine Admixer Header Bidding with
Google Ad Manager 360 to improve your

Header Bidding Wrapper

Admixer Adapter


Direct demand from the biggest ad agencies

100+ DSP

HB demand available under a contract with Admixer (no need to sign a separate agreement with DSP)

Our Demand Partners (40+ Companies)

Ad Manager(Google Ad MAnager)

Integration with Google Ad Manager allows connecting to Google Ad Exchange and AdSense demand and setting up line items in a few clicks

External Adapter

Ability to connect any Prebid-compatible partners(adapter is connected by signing a contract
between the pub and the company)

Connect Google Ad Manager 360

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