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Privacy policy

This statement was updated on 04/02/2018

Admixer Limited owns and operates a set of technologies under Admixer brand name, collectively referred to as the “Admixer services” or “Admixer technologies”. This privacy policy statement describes our practices concerning information we collect from users through Admixer technologies, its’ usage, storage, sharing and the choices, that users have, to access their information, manage it and opt-out.

The purpose of this privacy policy statement is to clearly inform users about the types of information we collect, how we store and process that data, purposes of usage and sharing the information, and about the ways, in which users can protect their privacy.

Types of information collected

Admixer may collect non-personal information about users or their devices behavior, and use this data to provide targeted advertisements to users, to analyze the effectiveness of ad delivering and to improve quality of Admixer services.

Admixer services collect and use only non-personally identifiable information (Non-PII), that does not identify user as an individual, such as:

  • Device Information (type of device, IP-address, browser type and settings, operating system, referring URL, etc);
  • Content preferences (web pages, content types and thematics, that user visited, mobile apps visited or used);
  • Ad delivery information (viewability of advertising content, advertisement display duration, user’s engagements with promo content, etc)

In collecting data, Admixer technologies use only standard HTTP-cookies in desktop and mobile browsers, and advertising mobile device identifiers in mobile applications.

We may also collect non-personal information that users voluntarily provide, such as information included in response to a questionnaire or survey.

Purposes of data collection and use

We use the information we collect from Admixer services in order to provide, maintain and develop them. The main goal of data usage is to improve users experience with advertising content through:

  • Providing personally tailored promo materials;
  • Analyzing users’ preferences to deliver the most suitable advertisements;
  • Figuring out patterns in ad usage and engagements;
  • Protecting users from unsolicited ads.

We also may share aggregated non-personally identifiable information with interested third parties (advertisers and publishers) to help them to target their advertising campaigns, to track advertising effectiveness and to improve their services.

Our data usage is underpinned by clear processes and adherence to data privacy and protection regulations, and is complied with Internet advertising industry guidelines.

Data storage and processing

All the information is stored using generally accepted security standards. We use several different data centers, with high protection degree, to store and process the data. All the data is transferred in anonymized and encrypted way only.

The information is usually aggregated or deleted within 30-60 days, but may be retained in the Admixer services databases for up to 180 days from the date of collection before aggregation or deletion.

Data sharing and 3-rd party usage

In the process of ad delivery, aggregated non-PII user’s data can be shared with 3-rd party services for the purposes of targeting their advertising campaigns and tracking advertising effectiveness. In this case data uses with the strong compliance with their privacy policy.

Some of the services and advertisements included in the Admixer Services, are delivered or served by third-party companies, which may collect information about use of the services.

These companies may place or recognize cookies or other technology to track certain non-personal information about user’s behavior and advertising activities. In these cases, information could be used to show ads on other websites based on user’s interests or to analyze the effectiveness of their promotions.

Users can opt-out this type of advertising by all participating companies:

User choices

We will provide reasonable opportunity for individuals to access, update, or delete non-PII about them that we have in our possession. In any moment user can restrict collecting and using his information through opt-out mechanism. We will not use the information provided to us for purposes incompatible with the purpose for which it was provided without obtaining consent from the subject of the information.

Due to GDPR requirements we will provide users in the European Economic Area with appropriate tools, which will allows them to access, download or delete all collected information about them.

These services will become available on Users choices page before May 25 2018.


Online users using desktop or mobile browsers can opt-out from Admixer services data collection using any one of the following methods:

  • Changing your browser settings to block, delete and/or control the use of all third party cookies.
  • Using the opt-out tool provided on our website

To reset your Advertising ID please follow these instructions:

You can also enable
Limit Ad Tracking
on iOS devices and Android users can
Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads.

Policy Changes

Admixer may modify this Privacy Policy without the consent of users by providing notice on our Web site before implementing such modifications.


Admixer Limited
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