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Opting Out from targeted advertisements and tracking on websites

If you don’t want to be tracked by advertising and analytics systems anymore or see highly personalized ads you could opt-out from tracking using Admixer Opt-out mechanism. You will continue to see advertising after opt-out, but it will not be based on your information and less relevant to your interests.

The opt-out mechanism has some peculiarities and limitations:

  • Admixer sets an anonymous “opt-out” cookie in current browser to indicate user’s decision not to be tracked. The opt-out will remain in effect only if this cookie is still present in user’s browser.
  • “Opt-out” cookies are browser specific – opting out of tracking on this browser does not guarantee an opt-out on another browser.
  • After opt-out, any data that had been collected before, will be disassociated from user’s browser, and not used for targeting anymore. During the next 30 days all the data will be deleted from Admixer servers.
  • In some browsers (Safari, Firefox) cookie functionalities could be limited by default – in such cases opt-in and opt-out mechanisms may not work as intended.

To opt out from Admixer personalized ads and tracking on web please click the button below: