Admixer.SSP for Android & iOS app developers

Monetize your app with the global programmatic demand and
the largest pool of direct advertisers in Eastern Europe

Why app developers connect to Admixer.SSP?

No entry barriers

Monetize Android and iOS apps that achieved 1k+ installs
Direct programmatic demand

Access 100+ top DSPs, direct advertisers, and agencies
Personal manager

Get the highest eCPMs, and suggestions on the best ad formats

Our demand partners

and more.

Reap the benefits of full control over your inventory

Gain the most out of your app while keeping your customers loyal and engaged

Deploy any ad format

From native ads to rewarded videos and interstitials

Ensure high ad quality

Get all ad creatives double-checked by top verification tools

Review revenue statistics in real-time

Revenue analysis, evaluation of ad units performance

Only relevant brand-safe ads from the most recognized brands, in the right place and time

Real-market value for your in-app ad placements

Monetize your app with savvy inventory management and real-time statistics. Get details on:

Bid rates and bidders
Best-performing ad placements

Admixer.SSP provides unique demand for audience segments and the most competitive rates for your in-app impressions

Utilize the full potential of a programmatic marketplace with Admixer.SSP

Quick and seamless integration via:

  • SDK
  • oRTB
  • VAST tags

Set up a Private Marketplace for your premium inventory!

  • Don’t sell in bulk. Make the most of your narrow audience segments by selling them to global brands.
  • Ensure brand safety. Sell your premium ad placements on closed auctions to selected advertisers.
  • Customize audience segments. Provide precise targeting opportunities for your clients to maximize the price of each impression.

How to start earning with Admixer?

  • Leave a request below
  • Choose the integration type
  • Pick the revenue-driving ad formats
  • Start earning within 24 business hours

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    Unlock the monetization potential of your app.
    Connect global and niche advertisers from the Admixer.SSP ecosystem

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