Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Offer your inventory to global brands via smart selling and optimization

Increase yield and fill rates by enabling competition
among demand channels

Make sales on the global marketplace.


Monetize your traffic through Admixer AdEx.


Get access to 100+ DSPs and multiple Header Bidders.


Combine the delivery of various ad formats
across all screens

Adapt to all devices
to gain new traffic opportunities

Multi-format support for HTML5 mobile and
display, video, native, rich media, teasers

Support of all video formats

Maintain the quality.
Keep to the highest standards

Control ad quality

Real-time reports

Segment your inventory

Maintain business reputation

Monitor your income from all sources and analyze it in detail

  • First campaigns “onboarding” process
  • Check your stats regularly
  • Use the data for your benefit

Make sales on the global marketplace

Monetize your traffic through Admixer AdEx
Access direct deals with advertisers, 100+ DSPs and multiple Header Bidders.
Our dedicated team will help you sell each impression for the highest price.

How to Access Admixer SSP

Send us a request


We analyze your site's compliance with our policy


Set our ad tag


One tag to connect to Admixer Premium SSP

See how it works!

Select your inventory types

Holistic monetization approach

We guarantee you 20-80% revenue growth through optimization of your fill rate and eCPM. Leverage an all-in-one platform for effective monetization, that fits any Publisher

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Hybrid programmatic

Combine bids from RTB auctions and multiple header bidders. Sell your desktop, mobile, and video inventory at the highest price

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Supply-Side Platform

Access gateway to Admixer programmatic ecosystem for networks, sales houses, and enterprise-level publishers who share their inventory with world-class trusted partners

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Ad Server Admixer Publisher

Manage ad inventory with a full-scale ad server for effective monetization through direct ad sales and ad exchanges. Enjoy a powerful AdServer and efficient guidance

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Ultimate SaaS solution for advertising networks

Comprehensive technology that suits any ad network configurations, supports all ad formats, and helps monetize an extensive amount of inventory in various ways

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Access a self-service programmatic buying platform designed to let global advertisers take the best of data and technology, and purchase the most relevant audiences at scale

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