Drive more revenue to your website, app, and SSP
by connecting them with the most relevant and trusted demand
partners in the Admixer programmatic ecosystem

Increase revenue with Admixer.SSP
by enabling competition among demand partners

We create perfect matches between publishers and advertisers

Get bids from multiple demand partners within a single account
Access 100+ top DSPs, multiple header bidders, and direct advertisers worldwide
Sell risk-free. All ad creatives are scanned by the leading ad verification tools

Our demand partners

and more.

Monetize inventory with the highest
paying ad formats across all screens

Monetize every type of media with Admixer.SSP: Desktop, Mobile Web, In-app, CTV, and DOOH

Use and mix various ad formats: Display, Native, Video, Audio, Rich Media, and more

Show engaging and high-quality ads and sustain user loyalty

Why monetize with Admixer.SSP?

Get the highest payouts from advertisers worldwide
Enjoy a quick and seamless integration
Monitor and optimize your revenue in real-time
Earn with brand-safe ads only

Mobile SSP for app developers

Monetize Android and iOS apps of any size with Admixer.SSP

  • Highest eCPMs from direct advertisers
  • Quick integration via SDK, oRTB, PMP, or ad tags
  • No entry barriers
  • Personal Account Manager

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