Admixer ID

Save your revenue from advertising and effectively manage user data after the cancellation of 3rd-party cookies

What will change
after 3rd-party cookies are canceled?

Once 3rd-party cookies are disabled in 2022, all the usual approaches to targeting will stop working, which will affect all adtech players.

Effect on
  • Targeted advertising accounts for 70% of publishers' revenue. This revenue may be lost once 3rd-party cookies are phased out
  • The eCPM of inventory without audience data will be 2-3 times lower
  • Advertisers will reallocate budgets to platforms with built-in authorization systems that collect user data
Effect on
  • 99% of users will be impossible to identify on the open web
  • Audience targeting, cross-site tracking, and frequency capping will disappear
  • Advertisers will spend more money on irrelevant advertising, hence getting lower ROAS

Sustain targeting capabilities
without 3rd-party cookies

Admixer ID is a universal identifier that allows you to track users across different browsers, platforms, and devices without 3rd-party cookies. This solution grants advertisers and publishers a unified system for audience segmentation, targeting, and measuring.

Admixer ID is the link between publishers and advertisers, which allows targeting audiences in line with privacy regulations.

Admixer ID 1st-party identity solution
How to set up Admixer ID?

1. If a website has an authorization system, Admixer ID can be integrated into it
2. If there’s no authorization system in place, you can install the Admixer Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, which is compatible with Admixer ID by default

Admixer ID benefits
for the advertising industry

and multichannel tracking

Admixer ID allows you to identify users across all channels and devices


Users give explicit consent for tracking, while all their data is hashed and encrypted

Integration with
3rd-party identifiers

Admixer ID is compatible with 1st-party IDs and unified ID solutions from various vendors

revenue boost

Publishers will increase their revenue by expanding the audience available for targeting


Cross-channel ID verification makes it easy to distinguish a real user from a bot

of publishers

Local media will be able to compete with large platforms that have their own user identification systems

increase in publisher’s revenue after activating 1st-party data
increase in ROAS when using cross-channel marketing communications
up to 20%
increase in brand’s revenue if audience data and own 1st-party data are activated

Part of Prebid User ID Module

Admixer provides a sub-adapter for Prebid User ID Module, helping publishers and advertisers to amplify audience segmentation, targeting and measurement during header bidding.


  • Enables publishers to integrate with any number of ID solutions
  • Allows publishers to pass Admixer ID with each request
  • Enables matching audiences with Admixer ID and other ID solutions (Unified ID 2.0, LiveRamp’s IdentityLink, etc.)
  • Enforces GDPR and consent rules
  • Increases the value of pubs’ audiences for advertisers

How will Admixer ID help you today?

  • Will increase prices and demand for ad inventory
  • Will effectively manage 1st-party user data
  • Will be able to combine user data from different sources
  • Will be able to compete with large platforms that collect a lot of user data

Integrations with Admixer products by default:
.Publisher, .Network, .SSP

  • Will be able to use audience targeting
  • Will improve campaign performance
  • Will expand analytics and attribution capabilities
  • Will protect campaigns from bot traffic

Integrations with Admixer products by default:
.DSP, .DMP, Agency Tech Stack, In-House AdTech Stack, .SSP

Admixer in numbers

clients worldwide
12+ years
in adtech
monthly impressions
websites and apps

Maximize ad revenue with Header Bidding

Connection to several monetizers

Quick installation and configuration

Detailed statistics on bids and competition

Compatible with monetization via Google Ad Manager

No contract signing, instantly test CPM increase

Adopting Admixer ID will help website and media owners increase the value of their inventory for advertisers, and will let them compete with data-rich Walled Gardens. This solution will allow web advertisers to conduct cross-channel campaigns, measure, and verify reach without compromising user identity.

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