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About us

We make ad management easy

Since its establishment in 2008, Admixer LLC has become the global player in ad serving and ad management industry. Our core business is Publisher’s wealth and our goal is to simplify ad serving processes of digital ad management for all sides.

Key History Facts

  • Admixer Technologies was founded as an ad serving and advertising network company with its own AdServer capacity
  • Same year, the first Admixer.Publisher server service was released
  • Admixer UA became the largest advertising network in Ukraine
  • The company launched behavioral targeting
  • Admixer integrated Gemius online-research agency into its functional lineup
  • The company became the Leader of the Year among Microsoft Azure Solutions and received the status of Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Admixer launched the video-advertising network
  • Admixer was awarded the status of official partner of Microsoft Advertising and has become Facebook and Instagram premium inventory reseller; also, the company signed an exclusive partnership deal with Yandex
  • A teaser ad network is launched
  • Admixer expanded its business geography, opened offices in the UK, Belarus, and Kazakhstan
  • Admixer has become a partner of Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • A mobile ad network is launched
  • The company launched Publisher and Network platforms and Creatives Management Platform — Admixer.Creatives
  • The company launched Admixer.SSP and released RTB
  • Admixer has become an official reseller of DoubleClick digital marketing products and signed a partnership agreement with Viber
  • Admixer Technologies launched Mobile SDK and reached a 100 RTB integrations mark
  • The company opened new offices in Canada and Germany
  • Admixer Technologies launched a hybrid programmatic technology — RTB & Header Bidding
  • The company opened a new office in Georgia
  • Admixer Technologies launched new products — Admixer.DSP and
  • The company’s servers proceed 10+ billion ad requests a day
  • Ukraine became a member of IAB and Admixer’s Founder & CEO Aleksey Boltivets became the President of IAB Ukraine
  • Admixer opened a new office in Moldova
  • The Agency Tech Stack product is released
  • The company became a member of the IAB Tech Lab
  • Business geography is expanded with LATAM & Chinese markets
  • Admixer onboarded 200+ employees all around the world, and activated a third thousand publisher within own advertising ecosystem

Our partners

Our customers serve over 20 billion impressions every month. We support 20k+ publishers using our Ad Server and multiple Ad Networks. Our team has grown to over 130 employees and we have not stopped growing and innovating.

Contact us

Our executive team

Our team shares digital advertising expertise, market knowledge and understanding of the technology

Alexey Boltivets

CEO & Founder

Yaroslav Kholod

Head of Programmatic

Elena Podshuvejt


Vladimir Zakrevskiy


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