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Fill out the request form online or contact us. You can find our contacts below.

If your website meets our requirements, your request will be confirmed and you’ll receive an email with your login and password for a publisher account. If you want to connect to Admixer or partner network, submit an additional request from your account and then sign the contract or public offer.

You can add as many sites, sections and ad units as you want with the exception of the FREE pricing plan, in which you can manage only one site.
There are three levels of access to an account. Administrator - has full access to all functionality and can give access rights to other users. Manager - can manage sites, for which he has permission. Advertiser - has read-only access and can view statistics and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of his ad campaigns.
Just stop using it. Free accounts that have not been used for three months or more we consider as inactive, and we reserve the right to remove them. To re-activate your account contact support.
We bill you every month depending on number of impressions. We count only real views, not ad requests. In FREE pricing plan you have 1mln impressions for one site per one month. Impressions from Admixer.AdExchange are not included. For more details about pricing plans get to main page or contact us.
Make sure you have enough money on your account for the monthly pre-payment. The upgrade changes will take effect as soon as the next day begins. Pricing plan downgrades are possible only on the 1st proximo.
Yes, this can be done in several ways:
  • the necessary ad network may be already connected to Admixer.AdExchange, so you just need to send a request.
  • send us a request if you want to connect to certain ad network. We will notify you when we connect it.
  • paste network codes directly via the interface.

You’re paid every month. You can choose necessary payment method in the interface. At the moment all payouts are carried out via bank transfer or payment systems - for more detailed information contact our manager.

Note: For certain payment methods a withdrawal(threshold) limit can be set. In this case as soon as you pass the withdrawal(threshold) limit you can request a payout.

If you have any questions or cannot be paid via the payment methods offered - please contact support.

We provide you with all avaliable targeting options: targeting by geography, platforms and devices, URL targeting, time and frequency distribution. Futhermore, for paid pricing plans we offer various sources of user data (DMP).
Yes, but this option is only avaliable from the PRO FLEX pricing plan . To activate post-click analysis paste codes on the advertiser’s site.
Our system has a flexible campaign priorities management scheme, which allows you to set up impressions delivery at the highest price. Priorities can be set automatically or manual.
We recommend to connect your site to all avaliable ad formats that we support.
Also, you can connect external monetisation sources, thus increasing the number of commercial impressions and maximizing inventory use.
Yes, in the PRO pricing plan and above. Group visitors into a remarketing group by interest for better targeting. To create remarketing group place a remarketing code on the site or add a page URL, to collect visitors from certain page.
We provide you with 24/7 support. In case of any technical errors or for troubleshooting, do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any difficulties - submit a request. If you run enterprise level we provide you with a dedicated manager.
After registration take a quick tour to fully understand our solution and click on the Help icon to get more detailed information. Futhermore, each part of the interface has its own context-sensitive help. And don’t forget to follow our blog to be kept up-to-date on the latest advertising news and new features of our solution.
After the registration we provide you with detailed instructions on how to set up the system and codes, however, you are free to ask for help if you face any difficulties. For our enterprise level clients we provide a full range of settings, including customization of ad formats or extra-reports.
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