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Header Bidding

Tech Stack to Connect Global Monetizers
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Benefites for Publishers

Connection to several monetizers

Quick installation and configuration

Detailed statistics on bids and competition
Compatible with monetization via Google Ad Manager

How to start & earn?

Get access to the HB account
Set up the ad spaces
Add bidders
Generate and insert the code string on the website
Get monthly payouts

Maximize Your Ad Revenue
With Multiple Demand Sources


Direct demand from the biggest ad agencies

100+ DSP

Direct integration with market-leading DSPs

(no need to sign a separate agreement with DSP)


Ability to connect external systems with a code

Our Demand Partners (40+ Companies)

Detailed Stats

Demand Sources

Buyer ID, Buyer Name

Bid ID, Bid Name


Buyer ID, Buyer Name

Bid ID, Bid Name


Bid Requests

Bid Responses

Average Impressions, CPM

Win Bids

Empty Bids

Auction Lost Bids

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Part of Prebid User ID Module

Admixer provides a sub-adapter for Prebid User ID Module, helping publishers and advertisers to amplify audience segmentation, targeting and measurement during header bidding.


  • Increases the value of pubs’ audiences for advertisers
  • Allows publishers to pass Admixer ID with each request
  • Enforces GDPR and consent rules
  • Enables matching audiences with Admixer ID and other ID solutions (Unified ID 2.0, LiveRamp’s IdentityLink, etc.)
  • Enables publishers to integrate with any number of ID solutions
Header Bidding Connection
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