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For publishers and app developers who want to maximize fill rates and optimize revenue
by managing multiple demand sources from one account.
Save time on analysis with user-friendly visual reports
Monetize every Desktop, Mobile Web, In-App, CTV, and DOOH media
Combine Display, Native, Video, Audio, and Rich Media ad formats
Connect to Admixer.SSP or sell your inventory via Header Bidding or mobile SDK

Admixer Header Bidding

Maximize yield for every impression with a fully managed solution for client-side Prebid integrations. 

  • Connect several demand sources at once.
  • Set bid floors to get optimal eCPMs. 
  • Analyze bids and competition in a user-friendly interface.

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Maximize your revenue from advertising by selling your web and in-app traffic to the trusted global demand partners in the Admixer ecosystem. 

  • Connect to 100+ top DSPs, multiple header bidders, and direct advertisers
  • Keep your media safe by showing verified IAB-compliant ads
  • Track performance with numerous KPIs on views and user engagement

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App Monetization

Increase fill rate with Admixer mobile SSP or install our SDK to start generating revenue from the most trusted demand sources across the world. 

  • Monetize any Android and iOS apps that reached 1k+ installs
  • Get suggestions on eCPM maximization and the best ad formats from Admixer’s programmatic specialists
  • Deploy any ad format from native ads to rewarded videos and interstitials
  • Ensure high ad quality by getting ad creatives double-checked by top verification tools

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Monetization Solution