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Website Privacy Policy

Last update 25.05.2018

Privacy Policy defines major privacy principles that we apply to the information we collect on the Admixer websites.

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to inform the users about the types of data collected, the ways in which it is stored and processed, the purposes of its usage and sharing, as well as the ways the users can maintain their confidentiality.

Data and Personal Information Collection

Data collection. We collect personal information (your name, email, your company’s name) when you fill in the online form on this website (Contact Us page).

Data usage. We use collected information to reply to an application or a query, which you send to us via the online form on this website.
We may use this information for marketing purposes.

Information Dissemination. We do not pass your information to any third party. We may share this information with our subsidiaries, affiliate companies, and providing partners, which conduct their business according to the Admixer policy (e.g. e-mailing services and CRMs) exclusively for saving this data. Such providers are authorized to use your information only to provide services to Admixer.

We reserve the right to disclose or share your personal information according to the laws, on consolidation, merger, purchase or selling of assets, as well as in the case of protecting our rights and/or in court or according to a court’s order. In case of new owners, you will receive an email and notification on our website on the current usage of your personal information and the possible ways of how it may be used further.

We may also disclose your information for your protection, protection of other people, investigation of fraud activities or on enquiry of the state. We may also share your personal information with third parties with your consent.

Third-party websites. Our website may contain links to third-party websites whose privacy policies may differ from that of Admixer. If you provide personal information on those websites, it will be used according to the privacy policies of those websites. We strongly recommend reading a declaration of consent on each website you visit attentively.

Access right. On your enquiry, Admixer will provide information on whether we will store any of your data. You can check, change, or ask to delete your personal information by sending an email with a respective request to We will contact you after the request is processed.

Non-Personal Information Collection and Usage

Automatic data collection. Like most websites, we collect some data automatically. This data includes IP-addresses, types of browser, the Internet provider’s name, information on the page from which the user came to the website, and on the page from which the user left it; information on the content checked on our website (HTML-pages, graphic materials, etc.); information on the operating system, date and time, and other information for analysis and website administrating.

Tracking technologies. Admixer and our partners use cookies and other technologies to analyze trends, administrate websites, and track the user’s behavior on a website. We use cookies that are small text files and stored on the user’s computer. These files store non-personal information on your behavior on the Admixer website. Our website also has web beacons built in its pages. Web beacons allow us to optimize the website’s content according to its effectiveness. You can control the cookies usage with your browser. If you turn cookies off, some features of our website may not be available.

We use mechanisms of creating posts on social networks. If you click Share, the companies that own social networks may find out your IP-address, what page of our website you visited, as well as use cookies when you connect to their services. Your engagement with those services is regulated by the privacy policies of the respective companies. To find out more about the cookie files used on those websites, check their privacy policies below:




We do not process this information in any way to identify you.

Data Management

We will provide you with an option to access your non-personal information thatwe have; change or delete it. You can restrict collection and usage of your information with the opt-out mechanism anytime. We do not use information provided to us for purposes other than those it was intended for without your consent.

According to GDPR, we provide users from EEA with a mechanism that will allow them to access their information; download or delete it.

Data Security

All information is stored according to common protection standards. We use several data centers with high level security for data storage and processing. All data is transferred anonymously and encrypted.

We store your information as long as your account in our system is active or a period of time sufficient for providing you with our services. We store your information according to our obligations to the law, including dispute resolutions and delivery of our agreements.

Information is usually aggregated and deleted within 30-60 days, but may remain in databases of the Admixer products up to 180 days from the collection date before aggregation and deletion.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy

Please note that we may change our Privacy Policy. In that case, we will publish the changes on the page of the current policy.