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In-House AdTech Stack

Take full control of programmatic buying and enhance your marketing with Admixer AdTech Stack tailored to your brand

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Reap the Benefits of Bringing Programmatic In-House

Your media buying team will get everything they need
to enhance the performance of marketing activities.

Admixer In-House AdTech Stack is an
all-in-one programmatic solution that provides:

Advertising automation
Prepare creatives and run ads across all digital channels from one account
Hassle-free integration
Easily connect the Stack to you internal marketing and analytics tools
100% transparency
Keep an eye on the budget spend to see where you get the highest ROI
Data control
Fuel marketing decisions with your 1st-party data and audience segments from external providers
End-to-end analytics
Track customer journey from the first ad impression to the sale with User ID
Inventory Management

Manage All Ad Placements in One Place

Instantly connect the inventory
Access large-scale direct Publishers, Ad Exchanges, SSPs, and Ad Networks in a few clicks. No need to sign deals

  • Target any geo
    Extend your reach globally. Get priority access to top web publishers and mobile apps anywhere in the world
  • Use any ad formats
    Engage the audience with standard and animated display, video, native, mobile, and rich media formats
  • Create your own ad products
    Group the inventory by targeting, geo and ad formats, and launch campaigns in a few clicks
  • Connect your own resources
    Group your own ad inventory and offer it for sale on a global marketplaсe
Data Management

Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

Enough targeting users that don’t fit your ideal customer persona. Use the integrated Admixer.DMP to manage audience segments at ease

  • Use 3rd-party data
    Collect the right audiences from publishers and 3rd-party data providers
  • Collect and activate your own data
    Use your 1st-party data from CRM, CDP, and CMS systems in your ad campaigns
  • Segment user audiences
    Enhance your ad performance by targeting the right user segments and using lookalike algorithms
  • Launch data-driven scenarios
    Segment your 1st-party audiences and monetize them in the global marketplace
Сreative Management

Create Highly Engaging Ads and Run DCO Campaigns

  • 100+ templates
    Create effective ad creatives based on the templates
    from the gallery
  • All creative formats
    Choose among display, video, branded, rich media, and in-app formats
  • Dynamic creative optimization
    Use built-in and 3rd-party tools to adjust the creatives on the fly
  • Ad analytics
    Track the effectiveness of your campaigns on ad unit level
Reporting and Analytics

Stay Updated with Sophisticated Analytics and Reporting

  • Get real-time reports
    Check the performance of your audiences and campaigns on campaign, format, inventory, and ad unit level
  • Check end-to-end analytics
    Track Client IDs from the first impression to the closed deal
  • Receive campaign alerts
    Keep track of the most important campaign changes via alerts
API and Integrations

Enhance Your AdTech Stack with
Additional Integrations

Integrate with external tools
Power up your adtech stack with 3rd-party trackers, verification and anti-fraud tools, etc.
Manage data operations
Manage your 1st-party data from CRM and CDP and 3rd-party data received from external data providers
Use API for flexible integrations
Automate reporting and connect multiple external tech vendors via API
User-Friendly Interface

Simplify Media Buying with an Intuitive UI

  • Manage campaigns hassle-free
    Use an intuitive single-page interface to get from one blade to another and keep track of every operation
  • Tailor the adtech stack to your needs
    Configure the in-house adtech stack by adding only the modules you need
  • Get onboarded fast
    Watch a detailed onboarding training and get continuous support from our Customer Care Team and Help Center
  • Manage user rights
    Choose different levels of permissions for users and provide separate accounts
Media and Ad Quality

Ensure Brand Safety with Every Ad

Place your ads next to safe content on high-quality websites and mobile apps. A combination of proprietary technology, human monitoring, and fraud detection tools will ensure you bid on safe media only



All traffic is thoroughly verified to prevent any type of fraud

Creative verification

Creative Verification

All ad creatives are checked to meet IAB guidelines

white list targeting

Black&White lists

Select the platforms where you want your ads to appear

supply chain control

Ads.txt support

Work with authorized digital ad sellers only

IAB standards compliance

IAB compliance

Be sure that all media buying goes according to industry standards

Admixer is a key partner of BAT Ukraine in programmatic inventory management and enterprise adtech stack roadmapping with our current & future Brand needs in mind. Thanks to Admixer we are able to benefit from an inventory supply chain transparency and constant traffic performance optimization opportunities at hand.

Since we started using Admixer AdTech Stack, our business flourished. I’m glad we chose Admixer for our business. There are many new plans ahead, so we are planning to enlarge our cooperation.

We are excited to cooperate with Admixer. They offer not only smart technology but also media expertise, which is priceless!

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