for large publishers and ad network owners

White Label Advertising Platform

All-in-one ad management and monetization platform for building custom advertising networks

Build own Premium Ad Network

Create a multi-channel advertising network for direct publishers and advertisers using white-label Ad Network Software. Provide full-featured access on self-serve or managed basis for all ad network partners

Advertising Network Platform

Get external supply and demand provided by Admixer to amplify your ad trading opportunities worldwide

Ad Network Solution Advantages

Easy-start into the ad network business

Exceptional ease of implementation is guaranteed by fast connection of existing sources, comprehensive onboarding, and setup processes. You concentrate on building your network, we provide a primary supply and demand

Full-stack technology for running advertising network

Ad Network Solution has all necessary modules needed for successful ad trading. Inventory management, Ad Server, Creative management, DMP and Identity Solution, HB, SDK, and RTB-integrations are integral parts of platform

Customizable solution for exceptional needs

Have some specific requirements for functionality and integrations? Ad Network can be tailored to fit these needs and adapted to your business environment. Just tell us your wishes and we will elaborate appropriate solution


Ad Networks Formats

Desktop Advertising Network
Video Advertising Network
Video and CTV
Mobile Advertising Network
Mobile (Web and App)
Rich-Media Advertising Network
Native Advertising Network
Native ads

Inventory monetization

Monetize your ad network’s inventory effectively with a combination of different sales models

  • Direct Deals
  • Private Marketplaces
  • Contextual Packages
  • 1P and 3P Audiences
  • Audience extension
  • Open Auctions
  • Header Bidding Marketplace
  • External monetization (RTB)
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Ad campaigns management

Run effective advertising campaigns across your network and external sources

  • Multiple targeting options and frequency capping
  • Full control of budgets, reach and delivery
  • Audience targeting and retargeting
  • Precise forecasting
  • Automatic performance optimization
  • Real-time reporting
  • Customizable on-demand reports
  • 50+ creative templates
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External monetization for ad network

Monetize inventory through Admixer SSP

Get smooth access to more then 100+ world-leading DSPs and direct advertisers. Receive maximum monetization opportunities for your advertising network within the Programmatic ecosystem – from direct deals and open auctions to Header Bidding and OpenRTB connections

Easy-to-use interface for intuitive ad network management

Get access to all features from a single interface. Customize dashboards of most important indicators for quick and easy monitoring and management

Advertising Network Management Interface
Why Admixer Ad Network Solution
Ad Network Support
Helpful customer support
High-Load Infrastructure for Ad Network
High-load infrastructure
Convenient payment methods
Convenient payment methods
White label Advertising Network
Customizable white-label solution
Ad Network cost


Affordable Pay-as-you-Go model for ad requests and ad impressions. Pay as much as you want and monitor your spending in real-time

Our performance






Ad views monthly


Video views monthly

Ad Network Reviews

Admixer Ad Network platform has many advantages that help our partners to build successful advertising businesses.

Designed for high-load environment and integrated into worldwide programmatic ecosystem Admixer Ad Network software is an ideal choice for those who seeks all-in-one solution

Since we started using the Admixer Network solution combined with the Admixer Publisher Ad Server, our business flourished. I’m glad we chose Admixer for our business. There are many new plans ahead, so we are planning to enlarge our cooperation.

We are excited to cooperate with Admixer. They offer not only smart technology for building advertising network, but also media expertise, which is priceless!

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Let us know who you are and what challenges we can help you solve or opportunities we can help you seize

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